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Racing For Tourettes was founded in 2012 by Trey Shannon and Jarrod Blackburn. The program is designed to raise awareness for Tourette Syndrome, and to help fund TS research. Trey uses his passion for racing, and the tremendous reach that the sport has, to educate others about Tourette Syndrome, a disorder that has affected Trey his entire life. In addition to educating others, one of Trey's main goals with Racing For Tourettes is to inspire those with TS to follow their dreams, and do amazing things with their lives.

Racing For Tourettes also works with American Idol star Dave Pittman to increase awareness, and strengthen their anti-bullying campaign. Dave, a fellow 'Touretter', joined Trey at his latest Guinness World Record attempt, the Racing For Tourettes 24 Hour Challenge, held December 14-15, 2012 at The Pit Indoor Kart Racing in Mooresville, NC. Trey's 24 hour record attempt was a great success, as Dave wowed all those in attendance for the Pro/Celebrity Challenge with his amazing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Dave and Trey continue to work together to raise awareness for Tourette Syndrome, and raise funds to support TS research.

Tourette Syndrome Facts

Tourette Syndrome is a neurobiological disorder characterized by tics–involuntary, rapid, sudden movements and/or vocal outbursts that occur repeatedly.
Symptoms change periodically in number, frequency, type and severity–even disappearing for weeks or months at a time. Commonly, motor tics may be eye blinking, head jerking, shoulder shrugging and facial grimacing. Vocally: throat clearing, sniffing and tongue clicking.