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    Trey Shannon Fitness is a racing driver fitness specialist operating in Charlotte, NC. Led by Trey Shannon, TSF provides comprehensive fitness and performance training for racing drivers and team sport athletes.

    As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Trey uses his knowledge and two decades of racing experience to design a fitness program specific to each driver's individual needs. Based at Mountain Island Fitness in Charlotte, NC, the Trey Shannon Fitness program utilizes a strategic blend of physical, mental, and visual fitness training techniques to maximize performance and improve endurance inside the race car. 

     While his education includes a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech, after working for 5 years as an Engineer Trey's passion for fitness led him to pursue his CSCS certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Combining that with his passion for motorsport, Trey has created a comprehensive, top quality fitness program designed to elevate every racing driver to his/her maximum potential.

    In addition to training drivers at the very top levels of motorsports, Trey utilizes his own training program and competes in endurance karting races as a solo driver, completing six separate 24 hour challenges in a kart. Three of those challenges have earned Guinness World Records, with the other three resulting in three consecutive solo class victories at the Endurance Karting 24 Hours of America.

    If you're a racing driver in the Charlotte area serious about competing at the top levels of motorsports, and looking to improve your fitness inside and outside the race car, email Trey or come see him at Mountain Island Fitness, just off I-485 at Hwy 16.

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